In 2006, the second round of the selection of Seattle Selected 18 kills in the first four seasons, but then he was only looking for a role player in the days of effective Philadelphia eagle, Washington red leather and lion. In the two seasons of the effective lions, Thaup only got 2.5 times in 32 games as a rotation player. At this stage of his career, his performance in the anti-run is superior to the performance of the ball shock.

When the reporter asked if Rooney would try to trade Brown, the latter said: «I won’t say that we are trying to trading him, all options are in front of us, we have two months to consider these things. Now Decided and said that we will continue to observe the progress of things, maybe he will decide to talk to us on his situation. «

General Manager of Mustang: I hope to leave the handoffs Feng-MillerGeorge Paton, general manager of Denver Mangma, is one of the important decisions that need to be made during the break. The future of the star rushing to Miller.

In addition, Miller is also affected by legal issues. Barton said that the team will wait for the legal process to end and do not comment. «Obviously, this is a serious situation, but we waited for this end.»

Saints urgently need helpers to impact the opponent quartz. Wire Wire Harmoni-Kikaha (Hau & # 39; Oli Kikaha) Moves to the defensive end position to strengthen the shock of the ball, because he encounters the knee cross ligament torn tear. Even before the injury of Kazhajj, the new season team’s lineup in the ball is also one of the main hidden dangers for them.

The conflict of the two can be described by a thin word in the movie «The Blind Side»: «It is time to go home.» Afterwards, Gronoski also gave his behavior at the time. Explanation: «He has been talking nonsense in my ear. So, I decided to lose him out of the field.» The disputes of the two continue to the field from the field, after hearing Gronoski explained, Another party Brown also did not retreat, he said he did not fear his opponent on the network social platform.

Brown signed a 5-year contract with the steel man in 2017, his 2019 basic salary is $ 12.6 million and has a $ 250 bonus. Brown will take up the team’s $ 22 million salary space. NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapople said on Sunday that if the steelman chooses to travel Brown, the team can take $ 1 million in cash space and save 15 million US dollars next year.

However, Li still hopes to make another year. At present, however, how to arrange his role is still unknown. Originally, the cowboy can be cut off his salary space by cutting him, but they would rather let the old will leave. This is probably brought back to the close of Jason Witten, and even the reason for paying five million US dollars. Cowboy management is loyal and human emotions, I don’t know if it is bad.

In fact, Gronoski and Brown have dualistic effect on patrigoes during 2010 and 2011. But the two do not leave the front teammates. In the competition, the behavior of Gronoski was sentenced to 15 yards. The Alliance will study details in recent days to decide whether to fined penalties.

Gronoski Canon Booms Safety: I lost him out of the fieldIn last week, the new England patriots take 42-20 victory in the competition of the Indianapolis, the patriots near the front of Rob — Gronkowowski and Xiao Mavan Selgio-Brown (Sergio brown) conflicts. In the Jonas Gray completed the one-time attack of the 4th shocked ball of the individual single, Gronoski has launched Brown.

In this way, five people who have implemented contract options in 2015 have been implemented. Other four are red-skinned sharp lines, Branden Scherff, Saint-Jeat, Andrus Peat, Titan, Swan, Marcus, Marcus Mariota, and Pirates Jameis Winston. The deadline for execution option is 5.2.

Brown’s farce can be described as fire on the current situation. This season is the first missed the playoffs since 2013, the team runs Weidian-Bell (Le & # 39; veon Bell) refused After signing on the privilege label and miss the entire season. The steel man finally achieved a record of 9 wins and 6 losses.

Cowboy and Line Weiwei — Li Guan Group ContractBeijing March 10, US Time Saturday, according to cheap Nfl jerseys NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, denim sean lee restructuring contract. The bottom salary of Lee next game changed to $ 3.5 million, and after the incentive bonus, the salary was up to $ 7 million.

«Now we can do things, we have a lot of time to make decisions,» Rooney said in an interview, «We are now looking at all options. We will not release him, but other options are possible We currently reach a reconciliation and let him return to the team next season, but we don’t rule out this possibility. «

Brown This season missed the team and Cincinnati fierce training before the 17th week, and thus excluded by the coach group outside the list. According to reports, Rooney and team coach Mike Tomlin called Brown many times, but the latter did not answer. Tomstone said in this situation at the end of the season.


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