After graduating from Florida Farming University, Ocho was tried in Seattle as a drop, but eventually failed to reach a contract, so he turned CFL. In the last three years, it is the Eskimo effective, but in 2016 hurts. Kiris tendon.

Daniel Jones will return to the giant first

US time Friday, the Juren coach Pat-Shu (Pat Shurmur) announced that the rookie four points saten Daniel Jones will return to the first, which means Eli Manning short-lived. «Say farewell» draws the end of the number.

Among them, a considerable part of the Mike Tomlin, his competition decision makes a speech before the game (said that the team has begun to consider the game with the patriot). But the steelman quadruplicate — Ben Roethlisberger does not think so.

[Offensive formation] SINGLE WING

In American football, a single-flaunted offensive formation invented by Glenn & quot; pop over to these guys & quot; Warner is a modern bullet gun array. Today, the meaning of the word expression of single-wing-type model includes any kind of offensive formation that is thrown and only one wing.

The abandoning kick in the single-wing type can be a routine or a quick discard kick, which is usually in the second gear or third gear. Quickly abandoning the kick refers to abandoning the kick (often running), after the ball is rapidly, after the ball is rapid, the ball will play after playing 5 yards. The purpose of this is to make the defensive party mistakenly think that this party will continue to attack. The conventional abandonment can also be used as a means of continuing attack, and almost every team will have corresponding tactics. Prior to 1930, the shape of the rugby was closer to the cantaloupe instead of olives, so the path of running guards was more close to the basketball. Later, the shape of the ball slowly evolved into today’s look, more suitable for long pass, and the accuracy is also higher.

Jay — Carter is more inclined to continue to be a commentary rather than

On August 6th, the informed sources revealed that before the Chicago Xiong team, Jay Cutler, currently tends to continue to serve as a match, not a return to Miami dolphin.

According to ESPN, Rosreisberg believes that Tomstone does not lead to the failure of the team: «Some comments appear when the game is lost, it will start to find a problem, I don’t think who can find the truth. We have Return to concentrate, ready to make persistent, not our best performance & hellip; & hellip; I think he (Tomstin) knows how to coach, and understand how to teach the material, I don’t think it will blame him. «

In 1940, due to the rise of T, the status of single-wing offensive formation gradually declined. For example, in 1946, after the Dana X. Bible retirement of the University of Our Power, his successor Blair Cherry immediately replaced a single-wing pattern with a T-form. This is also a common situation at the time. However, single-wing offensive formations are also a relatively mainstream formation in high school league. The Pittsburgh Steel Man is the last team that uses the format on the NFL game, and they also depend on T-forming camp in 1952. On September 21, 2008, Miami Sea Dolphin tried to use a single-wing offensive formation in the game of the New England Patriots team, and rely on the play to get 4 reachaes, winning. Two weeks after two weeks, they defeated the San Diego flash.

According to informed people, Carterler has always contacted the Gates, which clearly shows that he is interested in dolphin effectiveness. But Kitler has more consideration, and he is more and more questioning, is it a choice you want. A person who knows that Katler is really tangled for leaving the family. «

I fell heavily to the ground, and heard a moment very reluctant to hear. It is said that people in the dying will see a beam of light. I did not see the light, but I heard a voice. You should be very familiar with this sound —— When you’re young, your family partying, you feel bored, bored to gently move along your aunt’s red rim of the glass with your fingers in there. Is such a strange, distant sounds of ringing.

When I was taken to the hospital in Dallas, Ma Shaoen first night with me all night. This guy makes me laugh so crazy that I have life-threatening. I lay in bed, with a full neck protection, in order to let the body remain motionless. And Ma Shaoen or Ma Shaoen —- and nurses talking and joking around, play the fool.

He does not know who I am. He does not find out about my story. I almost did not speak. I just quietly listen to him, and he was grateful that the world is willing to spend 20 minutes listening to his story.

If the final Tannesell needs to be processed, then Gain needs to use greater enthusiasm to touch Caterler. Otherwise, dolphins may need to find other options & mdash; & mdash; or continue to use Matt Moore to serve.

When I woke up in the hospital bed, the big wearing a neck guard on my neck. My daughter out of the hallway, begging to come visit me. My body still wearing navy blue pants and green spikes Seahawks. I do not want her to see her father became like this. I often told her, «Your father was a rock singer, he can do anything.» This is because I want her to believe that they can do anything.


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