Saints will sign with Safety Wei Marcom-Jenkins

US time on Wednesday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, Saints and Safety Marckham-Jenkins (Malcolm Jenkins) signed a contract for 4 years, salary of $ 3.2 million, of which 16.5 million US dollars.

According to NFL NetWork reporters, Ian Rapoport, the nuclear magnetic resonance results show that the knee in the knee, the inner sub-ligament and the half-month board are intact. In addition to the knee extension, there are some bruises around the knee in the knee.

Giant security guard questioned the faith of his teammates

New York Giants head coach — Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) hope the team veterans to further demonstrate their leadership skills, as this week, security guard Aintree — Basil (Antrel Rolle) did. Basil good at Coughlin ideas to the players in a more direct way, but his statement also always be able to resonate in the locker room. In the week after the Indianapolis Colts 24-40 defeat, basil sound again.

Eyes looking at Jackson, Macho Williams, Prescott, Wilson and Watson and other young bow horse Xiao westerly wind, in the face of the Brady team before the critical situation, the four-year-old must be directed at the roar of his teammates, middle age Brady year, spread his hands more often express frustration, anger vent manner smashed helmet, as if a middle-aged man finally accepted his old, something like a silent speech blaming his teammates, perhaps It is the most terrible reality.

According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, Brown will also receive Bill quarter, Warriorcats.Wiki Tyrod, Tyrod Taylor and Packaging Corner Weida, Randl ( Damarious randall. Bill will receive Brown’s three-wheel signs (Total No. 65), and the packaging workers are obtained by 4 points Guide Shetan — Kaser (DESHONE KIZER).

Pedon said: «He may be one of the most important members we win in the super bowl. It is just his rookie season. & Hellip; & hellip; maybe our biggest mistake, you have to ask & lsquo; Will this? & Rsquo; let go of him is not a smart move. «

Data do comparison, half of the season the Patriots averaged 234.0 yards lost 7.6 points, are leading the league; and nearly five war against the Cowboys and Eagles defensive performance has been outstanding, but lost the game lost three games, averaging 31 points and 382.7 code collapse once the defense team, the Patriots would have no winning.

Patriots offensive regress five games, the point is visible. Recently five games the Patriots offensive yardage, averaging 333.6 yards, and the average level of the season almost be averaging only 17.6 points, why the Patriots offensive group derived light scenes have not divided?

Basil sermon in the locker room: «Whether you believe it or not, even though we have 0 wins and 16 losses to end the season, I will still adhere to the last minute this is me, faith in the match against the team we need to always believed in myself. we will be treated as a whole. but now, I’m not sure if everyone of us have the same idea. «

Last season, basil has made similar remarks during a team game losing streak. Regardless of this statement can bring victory for the team, which will motivate the Giants go all out in the next game. Basil tried to help the coach in the locker room, he hopes to encourage every teammate continue to struggle. Next week, the Giants will challenge the powerful Seattle Seahawks, regardless of the outcome, we are looking forward to a new team capable of fighting spirit in the end.

However, in addition to quadruption, they also need to reinforce a lot of positions. Announcement to the outside world, you can choose the wishes of the four-point guard, and you can understand the signing of the sign, but there is a quarter-saving team. «If you want to get people, people will come to me.»

After eight straight start in the second half, the Patriots lost to the Ravens Sunday Night game, after a bye week off victorious East double weak Cowboys and Eagles, then after another loss to Texas and the Emirates. Impression flow is concerned, two-game losing streak, three lost in five games, the Patriots into the magnificent vastness of the twenty-first century, perhaps extremely rare, right? In fact last season there! Titan bye week after losing to tenth week of rest, and then two in a row after another loss to the Steelers and Dolphins, rhythm and even the outcome of this season are exactly the same.

Claims to «hit the 45-year-old» Brady, 42 years old this year has finally ushered in the similar 2015 Peyton — Manning Large landslide season, no doubt filling heroes twilight in the season. This season shooting 60.5% last third career low, 86.5 career quarterback rating last third, nearly 54.5% field goal percentage Brady (league minimum), averaging only 237.2 yards came, to coincide with the competitive state of decline impressionable age, Brady is experiencing tremendous ebb.

Anti-run, man-mark and pass rush, problems appear one after another in three dimensions defensive three games. Contrast half of the season, the Patriots defense group child food Jets, Dolphins, Steelers, Redskins and other offensive group, called «makes sense»; the strong half of the season the Patriots defense group accumulated a league of «hate» after, and child food habits, Patriots defensive alliance offensive group meets the second, sixth and ninth of the team will naturally not withstand, called «extenuating circumstances.» But the Patriots defense group general direction is still on track, but very few low-level errors, just «no longer dominant.»


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